Bringing Romance and Passion Together in Long-Term Love

Corinne Farago

As a relationship and intimacy coach for couples, I specialize in growing love and passion in long-term relationships.

Through expert guidance, honest conversations, and insightful explorations, I empower couples to navigate the complexities of love, communication, desire, and pleasure.

Let’s talk today about your unique relationship and envision your future as a tuned-in, turned-on couple.

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There are 7 truths about love and passion you’ll learn from working with me as your coach.

They are:

  1. Moving quickly from conflict back to connection is learnable.
  2. Trust and emotional security in a relationship is a prerequisite to great sex.
  3. Talking about sex with your partner can be as easy as talking about lunch.
  4. Desire isn’t a total mystery, and there are many ways to build it (or destroy it).
  5. It’s perfectly normal to not desire sex that doesn’t bring you pleasure.
  6. There are ways to heal from feelings of shame and trauma.
  7. There is a full spectrum of sexual flavors. Learning and accepting your inherent erotic nature is a core step in your journey.

Meet your coach.

I’m a relationship and intimacy coach who has specialized in working with couples for over a decade. For me, there’s nothing more rewarding than watching the transformations that take place when a couple starts to really see what’s possible in their life together.

With coaching designed for your unique relationship dynamic, you’ll learn how to grow out of, ‘hoping for the best’, and grow into a clear understanding of what it takes to make your relationship thrive long-term. 

Don’t become another couple who gets lost in questions like:

  • Am I with the right person?
  • Why is this so hard?
  • Will my partner ever ‘get’ me?
  • How can we get back what we’ve lost along the way? 
Corinne Farago

Take the first step today… 

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Love Notes - What Clients Are Saying

"We call it our marriage 2.0"

Corinne is a kind and generous person. She coached us to open up and learn new things about each other. It felt a little like surgery. She skillfully took us through a process in a way that made us feel guided and cared for.  She opened our eyes to a new way of understanding and staying in tune with each other.

 It’s been a turning point in how we relate sexually as well. Once we started to feel closer emotionally, we were willing to learning about improving our sex life. Over just a few months Corinne fine-tuned every part of our relationship. We call it our marriage 2.0.

C.L. – Mill Valley

"I lacked confidence in starting to date again..."

“I came to see Corinne because I lacked confidence in starting to date again. She asked questions that led me to some insights that really impacted how I relate to women and sexuality. Her kindness and acceptance made it possible for me to get real about some issues I’ve been skirting around for a long time.”

B.B. – San Francisco

"Coaching with Corinne literally saved our marriage."

My husband and I were getting over infidelity in our marriage. I found Corinne through her website while we were researching relationship coaching. We’d been in couple’s therapy for 1 year without that much changing between us.

Coaching with Corinne helped us both to find resolution and healing that was hard to do on our own. Once that happened, everything else got better. I feel like we have more intimacy and honesty now that we had before the infidelity.

Looking back, I feel like coaching with Corinne literally saved our marriage

R.T. – Toronto

"This work has been incredibly liberating."

I don’t think we could have gotten to where we are today without Corinne’s help. Each session took us to the next plateau of comfort and honesty with each other. Before working with Corinne everything we did used to ignite tension, and we’d both get defensive and hurt. I feel like those days are behind us.

I appreciate that Corinne’s coaching spans relationship and sexual issues. For us they go hand in hand. Now our sex life feels more connected and satisfying. This work has been incredibly liberating.

V.S. – Santa Cruz

"I wanted coaching that was more than solving problems."

“I wanted coaching that was more than solving problems. I wanted to be inspired to learn new things with the hope my boyfriend would follow my lead.

By the time he joined us in our third session he couldn’t believe how different I was in the therapy room than I was at home. He was thrilled to see a different side of me that actually looked at him with desire again.”

A. K. – San Francisco

"It’s the first time I can say that we have a happy marriage."

As a woman working 9-6 in the corporate world I come home feeling totally stressed. We were tired of the conflict. I felt resentful and my husband felt hopeless.

Working with Corinne taught us about how to find our complimentary energies while respecting our differences.

Corinne helped us get deeper than all the superficial triggering and understand each other better. It now feels like less competition and more cooperation. After 15 years, it’s the first time I can say that we have a happy marriage.

H.P. – Seattle

"...taking our love and relationship to places I’ve only dreamed of."

“Corinne is extremely knowledgeable, deeply approachable, warm and sensitive. She reads body language keenly and intuits exactly what the client needs next. It’s a pleasure to be on the receiving end of her coaching skills. Not only is she all this, but she’s a ton of fun!

I left our sessions more empowered, more centered and more rooted in my sexual journey and ready to continue the exploration and connection with my partner, taking our love and relationship to places I’ve only dreamed of.”

V. R. – Berkeley

"We’d never heard of relationship coaching before..."

We’d never heard of relationship coaching before working with Corinne. Neither of us wanted to do therapy and didn’t think we needed it. But we knew we wanted some kind of help with parts of our relationship we felt stuck in.

Corinne’s approach as a coach was a great fit for us. It’s goal oriented and based on so much great wisdom. We also both felt equally heard and respected which was important to my partner. Corinne compassion and good energy kept the process productive. We now look forward to our sessions with her for help and inspiration.

L.W. – New York

"I feel closer to my husband than I have in years."

“I had a host of issues after breast cancer that made me feel like I never wanted to have sex again. I even began to wonder if I wanted to stay married to avoid having to deal with it.

I’m happy to say I’m still married and so grateful that I decided to take action. I feel closer to my husband than I have in years by learning more about ourselves and how to comfortably talk about sex.”

L. M. – San Rafael

"This was the single most powerful healing activity I have ever engaged in."

“I first walked into Corinne’s office knowing what I was afraid of and knowing what I needed. She made me comfortable enough to ask for it from my partner. Then she heard beyond the words I used to ask her for help and empowered me to heal myself.

This was the single most powerful healing activity I have ever engaged in. The benefits have endured and people who know me notice a positive change in my face and my attitude.”

E. M. – San Mateo

Corinne Farago

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