Date nights will NEVER be the same!

Your Erotic Menu

A fun and easy guide to better sex with your partner

Corinne Farago

A few weeks ago a client asked me this question:

“How many things can two people do during sex, anyway?”

I decided to answer quite literally….


And this inspired me to create Your Erotic Menu

A Quick Question for You


Do you know your preferred sexual style? or perhaps… Do you know your partner’s?

If the answer to either of these questions is “no” or if you don’t even know what the Six Essential Sexual Styles are, then you really need to do yourself a favor and check out Your Erotic Menu.

Your Erotic Menu is a multi-dimensional exploration in discovering what turns you on, and how to share your desires with your partner.

What’s Inside?

Better sex starts by learning to share your desires with your partner.

Discover the secrets to sharing your deepest erotic desires and take your relationship to a whole new level.

Your Erotic Menu Introduces You To:

1. The Six Sexual Styles

2. Erotic Menu Checklists for Each Style

By using this full-spectrum list of erotic activities and following the guidelines and instructions, you will learn to express your deepest desires, share your couriosities, and communicate your boundaries.

Each list has a Yes/Maybe/Fantasy checklist. Once you’ve identified your choices, it’s time to move on to “Sharing Your Desires”.

3. Sharing Your Desires

Set aside some time with your partner to begin this communication exercise and create your erotic menu together. If your list is long it may take multiple conversations to complete this exercise.

Discover how you want to feel during the experience. Take your time and enjoy where these conversations lead you.

4. Guided Erotic Conversation Exercise

This is where the real transformation happens. Follow the step-by-step guidance, and learn to share your desires with your partner. THIS is the first step on your road to better sex as a couple.

About the Author – Corinne Farago

I’m a Certified Relationship and Intimacy Coach, Educator, Blogger and Hypnotherapist with a specialty in long-term love and sexuality. 

You may be seeing me on your own or with your partner. In either case, our online sessions will become your safe haven where you can explore, communicate, and learn how to create and sustain a thriving, long-term loving partnership.

My clients span every age, ethnicity, sexual diversity and orientation. Whoever you are, and whatever relationship model you choose to embrace, you are welcome and honored by me.

Your Erotic Menu

An erotic exercise that will transform how you talk about sex with your partner(s).

Use the Erotic Menu to:

  Discover new erotic desires and interests.
  Understand your partner’s erotic mind and fantasies
  Give your partner the experiences they long for.
  Bring novely and variety to your sex life.
  Learn the communcation skills to talk openly and honestly about sex.
  Understand the differences in your and your partner’s sexual tastes.
  Discover the vast world of human sexuality in all its expressions.